Confined Space Level I, II, III

Course Overview:

All Confined Entry programs meet or exceed NFPA 1670/1006, CSA 1006-10.


Level I - 8 hour - Basic Confined Entry

This program is designed to teach workers, attendants, and supervisors the knowledge of safe confined entry. The program covers proper assessment, isolation procedures, gas monitoring, ventilation, duties of everyone involved in entry.

Level II - 16 hour - Basic Rescue

This program covers the basic confined entry program plus the development of rescue plans and procedures for both internal and external rescue, use of air systems, SABA/SCBA, basic rope rescue systems and casualty packaging.

An example of industry specific programs available:

  • telecommunications

  • oil industry

  • water treatment / wastewater

  • institutional facilities

  • chemical industries

  • mining

Level III - 40 hour - Confined Entry Technician Program

This program covers the Level I and II  programs and expands into the advanced technical rescue training including:

  • entry into hazardous locations

  • advanced rope access techniques

  • proper use of personal protective equipment including SABA/SCBA

  • use of air carts/compressors, hardware, radio communication systems

  • advanced casualty packaging and removal from complex confined space areas such as scaffolding and boiler swing stage situations