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Vehicle Extrication Level II (Heavy Rescue)

This is a 20-hour course covering the subject of extrication, dealing with heavy motor vehicles including buses and trucks. This course is directed toward the urban/rural agencies that are involved with vehicle rescue and have the potential to be involved in a heavy truck/bus extrication situation.

The "Real World" heavy rescue program is all about casualty extrication, not just a heavy lifting/blocking stabilization program. Students are given advanced situations where heavy lifting and advanced extrication may be required. Every situation will have one or more causalities involved with actual "Real World" entrapment.

Students must formulate a plan and using the team approach preform a safe extrication using both basic and advanced equipment. All the scenarios may be accomplished with basic extrication equipment tools, and will be supplied with both basic and advanced. Students are challenged to think outside the box.

Students are assessed continuously during the scenario, with the vision that we see constant improvement and a team effort.



20 Hours


Minimum 10/ Maximum 16

Vehicle Extrication
Trans-Care Rescue
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