Farm Accident Rescue



The Farm Accident Rescue program is designed to provide the technical knowledge required in order to extricate the victim of a farm equipment accident safely and expediently.


This program deals specifically with accidents involving farm equipment, and covers the entire field of farm equipment entrapment.


The Farm Accident Rescue program is designed for Fire / Rescue Services, Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, and First Responders who would be involved in the dismantlement of the equipment and the removal of the victim.

Course Specifics: Farm Accident Rescue is a 20 hour program which includes 8 hours of class time and 12 hours of practical skills training. The program covers the following topics: Why farm equipment accidents occur, farm equipment accident pre-planning, rescue tools used for farm accident extraction, command approach to farm equipment accidents, tractor rollover accidents, tractor run on accidents, hydraulic accidents, silage wagon/mix mill accidents, harvesting equipment accidents including; both square and round balers, combines, swathers, and feed handling equipment. Mechanical entrapment includes belts, chains, pulleys, rollers, and shafts. General acreage equipment discussed includes lawn mowers, roto tillers and weed wackers.


Course Includes: Farm Accident Rescue student’s manual, Trans-Care Rescue Ltd. Certificate of achievement will be issued upon successful completion of the entire course.

Enrollment Requirements: First Aid/CPR, basic knowledge of hand tools.

Class size: Minimum 10 / Maximum 20