Large Vehicle Extrication

Course Overview:

Level 1: 12 HOUR COURSE - Techniques Used To Perform Extrication From Multi Passenger Vehicles

This program is designed to provide the rescuer with the knowledge and skills to perform safe and expedient extrication for victims of accidents involving both school and highway buses.


  • School Bus Extrication Tactical Situations

  • Specialty Bus Extrication Techniques

  • Highway Bus Extrication Techniques

Level 2: 16 Hour Course

A 16 hour course covering the subject of extrication dealing with heavy motor vehicles including buses and trucks.This course is directed toward the rural agency that is involved with vehicle rescue and have some experience.

COURSE CONTENT: This course consists of six modules:

  • Resources

  • Rescue

  • Equipment

  • Review of basic rescue, safety, circle system approach

  • Heavy truck accidents

  • Highway bus accidents

  • School bus accidents

Safety, proper approach, equipment and technology are covered in each situation.

PREREQUISITE: Must have completed the Vehicle Extrication—Operations Level 1 before continuing on to this course.