A 40” hydraulic powered push pull ram with standard coupling. The unique base design distributes the load while the check valve design maintains the load. Accessories available for increased capabilities.


SKU: 001-AMK-40R
  • This ram reaches a maximum length of 40" when fully opened

    Maximum push force 30,650 lbs (136.3kN)

    Maximum pull force 14,400 lbs (64.1kN)

    Push/pull design allows use of standard Amkus chain packages

    Also available in mono coupling version (AMK-40RM)

    Rams are available in 20, 30, 40 and 60"

    Ram extention kit (KR0024) includes a 10" extention for greater reach

    Ram Accessory Kit (K-RAMACC) includes a 10" extention, conical head and claw attachment