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In an emergency, there is no time for misunderstanding. Designed to connect seamlessly to the Dräger FPS® 7000 and FPS® 7000 RP full face masks, this proven communication unit ensures clear communication through either a voice amplifier or a radio—even in extreme conditions.

Dräger: FPS®-COM 5000 Tactical Communications

    • Digital noise-reduction technology eliminates breathing sounds, ambient noise, and acoustic feedback for crystal-clear communication. 
    • The earpiece fits closely to the ear using has a flexible gooseneck that easily adapts to different head sizes and shapes.
    • Two speakers mounted on the sides of the Dräger FPS-COM 5000 point in the direction the wearer faces for more effective communication.
    • Speakers are flush mounted to reduce snag hazard and improve balance.
    • You can use the attached jack to connect the FPS-COM 5000 to more than 350 different radio sets via the external Dräger C-C440 push-to-talk button or the Dräger C-C550 remote speaker microphone. Or you can connect the FPS-COM 5000 directly to the radio and use the built-in push-to-talk button.
    • Forgot to turn off the FPS-COM 5000 after a shift? No problem. After a pre-alarm, the communication unit shuts off automatically if no breathing sounds are detected after ten minutes.
    • With Dräger’s new click-lock system, the FPS-COM 5000 can be attached and removed in just a few steps
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