Vehicle Extrication  

Vehicle extrication products that we carry include items from the following dealers, as well as the specialized tools pictured below.

     -Windsheild cutter by Firehouse

     -Hydraulic rescue tools from Amkus

     -Stabalization, shoring, and lifting tools from Rescue 42

     -Pneumatic tools from Superior Pneumatic

     -Stabilizing, shoring, and lifting tools from Paratech.

     -Plastic cribbing, chocks and stabalization equipment from Turtle Plastics.


Firehouse Beluga cutter

Check out the video to see the Beluga cutter in action.

Heavy Duty Seatbelt cutter

Designed to break glass and cut up to 10,000 lb strength webbing. Contour fit handle allows for greater control.

Replacement blades available.

Lenox Rescue Hacksaw with 18 TPI blade

(Part # 101-20918-4012)

Hooligan Bar / Standard Claw

A must have on the rescue truck.

Jack Mate

Allows clamping, crushing, pulling, winching and spreading. It is designed to replace the top clamp on a Hi Lift. An excellent back-up tool for the “Jaws of Life”.

The Res-Q-Rench

A versatile multi-tool featuring a carbide tip window punch, a heavy-duty seat belt cutter, a pry bar for windows, it also acts as a door or window prop, and fits many residential gas shut-off valves. The Res-Q-Rench is designed to work with a rocker lug handline and supply line couplings and is the only folding spanner that will work with 4 and 5 inch storz connections.