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Vehicle Extrication Level I (Basic)

The Level 1 Extrication program is designed to provide rescue personnel with the skills necessary to preform a vehicle extrication/rescue in a safe and expedients manner while using a variety of tools and techniques.

Utilizing the incident command system, students are given the opportunity to use extrication equipment in a safe and controlled environment under the guidance of a skilled, experienced instructor.

This program allows enough time for students to develop the basic skills and learn the correct techniques required to perform safe extrications. Participants will develop the ability to formulate a rescue plan and modify it to work in any rescue situation. Extrications can be dangerous. Rescuers should be properly trained in the care, use and maintenance of their rescue equipment. Proper training ensures that rescuers and their equipment preform when they are needed. This is especially important when working in close proximity of trapped accident victims.



20 Hours


Minimum 20/ Maximum 40

Heavy Vehicle Extrication
Trans-Care Rescue
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