16″ Traffic Baton With Clip and Handle Strap at an economy price

16″ Traffic Baton Bright LED Lights

SKU: 725-SLW_ST-S700R
  • A popular economy priced 16″ traffic baton bright LED lights with clip and handle strap.  This LED traffic baton is waterproof, shock resistant, and comes with a handle strap and metal belt clip.  Made of PVC and ABS materials this traffic baton is equipped with 4 pieces of super bright LEDs.

    These great economy traffic safety wands come with 2 light modes:  Flash – Solid – Close and operates on two C-batteries.

    Traffic wands are widely used for directing vehicles and pedestrians at airports, parking lots, events, concerts, as well as emergency situations.  Great to have one in your car for any roadside emergency.

    We carry a variety of LED traffic batons from our economy priced models to heavy duty wands that are built to be indestructible, can withstand total submersion in water and are visible over 200 yards away.