28″ Orange road cone with a black base and a 4″ and 6″ high intensity reflective collar.  MUTCD Compliant.

28″ Traffic Cone HI Collars 7 Lb

  • These are our most popular PVC traffic cones, 28″ Traffic Cone HI Collars 7 lb,  and come complete with a 6″ and 4″ high intensity reflective cone collar. Made from a combination of recycled black PVC and virgin orange PVC, they are your perfect choice for all-weather performance and long life. Uniquely made with a two step injection process, they are designed for full-time use in traffic zones, general use in city areas or around airports or events.

    Cones are available with or without reflective collars. Logos or markings can be added to identify your cones and market your company. Select collar and label options from the drop down box on the product order page. Note: Some cones in stock already include reflective collars.

    Standard sizes are 18″, 28″ and 36″ and weights are from 3 lbs – 12 lbs each. We stock orange and green cones and other colors are available on a special order.

    Traffic cones are widely use for traffic control at airports, parking lots, concerts, police emergency situations, construction sites, mines or sports events.

    Our cones meet MUTCD, FHWA, NFPA and NCHRP-350 approval standards.