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The ION 650 Cutter (iC650) is stronger, faster, and powerful. It has a 15 second open/close rate. With longer run times, higher cut ratings, and an all-aluminum body, this midsize cutter is one the lightest, fastest, and most durable rescue tool in the market. It is designed to withstand extreme conditions while operating at peak performance.

AMKUS ION IC650 Cutter

    • All-aluminum Body. Consists of an all-aluminum body that provides unequivocal durability to withstand the most extreme fire rescue situations.
    • 4-stage Pump. Yields quicker extrication times with a 4-stage pump that provides maximum speed in loaded or unloaded conditions.
    • Rotating Handle. Allows tool to be repositioned without the end user needing to change hand positions.
    • Battery. Uses a DeWALT FLEXVOLT battery platform to share batteries among your fire rescue tools.
    • Battery Position. Maintain better control with the center positioning of the battery, while experiencing better protection, operator safety, and maneuverability.
    • Length: 33.6 inches (853 mm)
    • Width: 9.1 inches (231 mm)
    • Height: 11.3 inches (287 mm)
    • Weight (excl. battery): 49.5 lbs (22.4 kg)
    • Weight (ready to use): 51.8 lbs (23.5 kg)
    • Cutter Opening: 6.3 inches (160 mm)
    • Cutter Rating: A6/B8/C6/D7/E7/F4
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