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  • LazerMax Trim™ Our patented silver reflective seam on the arm and around the shoulder of the jacket allows for increased visibility. LazerMax Trim™ is also located on the pants around the 1-piece knee seam, for increased visibility.
  • Cinching Lower-Back Drawstring Cord This feature means extra coat material can gather in the back of the jacket, behind the SBCA, leaving the front of the jacket straight for increased movement.
  • Radio Packet Flaps Easily access your radio with our velcro-release pocket, notched on either side to accommodate your antenna.
  • 7” Black Kevlar® Thumbhole Wristers 100% Black Kevlar® Thumbhole Wristers provide comfort and thermal protection to the sleeve/glove interface area.
  • Flexible Shoulder Construction A properly constructed jacket shoulder should include both back pleats and underarm gussets to allow for maximum movement with less coat rise.
  • Beveled Hem Design Shorter in the front, longer in the back means increased maneuverability and safety on the job.
  • Multi-Adjust Suspender System Stealth’s patented Black-Ops™ suspender system is a step above the competition and stays put through even the most rigorous tasks.
  • Universal Flashlight Holder Designed to accommodate every flashlight on the market, the new flashlight holder on the right chest adds both versatility and functionality, allowing you to crawl in tight spaces with your flashlight illuminating your path.
  • Belt Loop / Pant Grip Handles Pants designed with belt loops that tactically extend into pant grip pull-up handles make it seconds faster to pull on your gear in an emergency.
  • Rectangular Crotch-Gusset No other turnout gear is ergonomically cut and designed with athletic movement in mind. When you are bending or kneeling, the rectangular crotch-gusset eliminates twisting of the knee and pant, improving your maneuverability.
  • Sidekik™ Knee Reinforcement Extra knee protection is critical in the line of duty. This added protection covers a wider area and features a “bump-out” to the outside of the leg for extra protection when using the side of your knees to push or feel your way through a dark environment.
  • One-Piece Lower Leg Construction Designed to increase mobility, our unique turnout pant contours around the lower leg and is comprised of a singular lower panel with no side seams.

Lakeland Stealth firefighter turnout gear adheres to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards but exceeds performance expectations when it comes to maneuverability, comfort and functionality.

Lakeland: B2 OSX Turnout Coat and Pants

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