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Baxter Safety Glasses offer total comfort thanks to its highly wraparound frame. With its waterproof foam and ingenious system for attaching the strap, the Baxter series offers effective protection from sprays of solids and liquids, and from dust.

  • Indoor and Outdoor options available

Bolle: Baxter Safety Glasses

  • ANSI Z87.1-2010

    American National Standard for Occupational and Educational Eye and Face Protection Devices

    Establishes performance criteria and testing requirements for devices used to protect the eyes and face from injuries from impact, non-ionizing radiation and chemical exposure in workplaces and schools. It covers all types of protector configurations including spectacles (plano and prescription), goggles, face shields, welding helmets and full face-piece respirators.


    Impact Mark Rated Plano

    The Z87+ is required when claims of compliance such as impact rating or a specific lens type and/or use are made by the manufacterer for plano protectors


    Splash / Droplet

    Eye protection that provides protection from droplets and liquid splash



    Eye protection that provides dust protection


    Fine Dust

    Eye protection that provides fine dust protection


    UV Filter

    U and Scale Number (Scale ranges from 2 to 6 – the higher the number the highest protection from far and near UV)

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