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Ideal for rescue and rope access, this anodized carabiner’s patented key-lock design does not hang up when unclipping from your harness or web. An optimized D-shape maximizes its strength, and its wide gate opening fits over 1-inch (25-mm) diameter railings, unusual for a carabiner this compact and light. Safety indicators etched on the gate augment easy one-hand operation. Manual-Lock and Auto-Lock versions are available with a removable keeper pin for use with lanyards or for terminating escape or RIT lines. Every carabiner is proof loaded. Serial numbers on every carabiner


  • ProTech Major Axis Minor Axis Major Axis, Gate Open
    300161 26 kn 9 kn 11 kn
    300165 26 kn 9 kn 11 kn
    300169 26 kn 9 kn 11 kn
    300182 26 kn 9 kn 11 kn
    300189 29 kn 8 kn 11 kn
    300193 26 kn 9 kn 11 kn
    300153 29 kn 8 kn 11 kn
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