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Revised 5th Edition
CMC Rescue, Inc.

Revised 5th Edition. The companion Field Guide to the CMC Rope Rescue Manual features water- and tear-proof stock for lasting durability. The spiral-bound guide measures 10 cm (4”) W x 15.2 cm (6”) H and fits into radio harnesses, BDU and uniform pockets, so you can take it anywhere!

132 pages. Printed in USA.

The Revised 5th Edition includes the following updates:

• Updated testing of knot efficiency including polyester ropes

• Test results of contamination on polyester ropes 

• Updated discussions of main/belay and Twin-Tension systems

• Tensioned belay system added

• Revised techniques for belaying with the MPD™

• User information for the new 3D™ descent control device

• Equipment strength specifications updated to current standard

• Terrain angle discussion and chart

• Low-angle litter illustrations


About Our Selection of Books
We have compiled an outstanding selection of books on rescue. However, there is no substitute for proper training and time in the field for gaining the skills needed to provide safe and effective emergency assistance.

Please Note: CMC recognizes that there are many different techniques in rescue. While our book selection reflects the leading authorities and most popular texts, as with all publications, recent developments in equipment and practices may not be included.


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