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See wider and better with the FoxFury Command+ Tilt White LED Headlamp / Helmet Light. This rugged light provides hands-free illumination in all-weather conditions and delivers up to 100 lumens of panoramic lighting. It is designed for use on safety helmets (including hard hats and fire fighter helmets), on a cap, or directly on the forehead. This headlamp has an adjustable tilt to aim the light where needed. Highly visible flashing red LED (rechargeable version has green LED) in the battery that can be seen from over 1 mile (1.6 km) away. This flashlight taillight acts as a personal marker beacon to increase safety and be seen on scene. The Command Tilt White is best suited for close-up tasks like inspection, repair and maintenance, and general area illumination.

FoxFury: Command+ Tilt Headlamp/Helmet Light

    • Wide beam angle provides panoramic lighting
    • New LED technology allows you to see colors more accurately. FoxFury’s True To Life™ LED technology provides a higher quality light. The enriched visual feedback gives a true appearance where colors are seen accurately, clearly and vibrantly
    • This light has the option to come with a rechargeable NiMH battery system and includes an AC adaptor so that the light can be plugged directly into a wall.
    • The FoxFury Command Tilt White LED Headlamp / Helmet Light features a rear (red) flashing LED in the battery pack that can be seen from over 1 mile away.
    • These all-weather headlamps are engineered to survive the heat, the cold and submersion underwater.
    • Lumens: 100 Max Lumens (32 Low, 78 Medium, 100 High)
    • Charging Time:  Approximately 3.5 hours (Rechargeable option)
    • Modes: 3 (Low, Medium, High)
    • Weight with Battery: 8.8 oz (249 g) (Rechargeable option)or 9.6 oz (272 g) (Battery option)
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