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A compact, all-metal body combination rescue tool that combines the capabilities of a cutter and spreader. It's a versatile "first on scene" tool for engines, ambulances, rescue trucks and tow recovery vehicles. It can be used to spread, cut and "pop" doors. The twin line hydraulic tool is available with standard or mono coupling.

AMKUS CT716 Combi Tool (Hydraulic)

    • Solid aluminum tool body to withstand the severe duty of fire rescue service
    • A rotating handle allows the tool to be repositioned with minimal effort
    • High Intensity LED lights located in the handle for increased visibility
    • Location of the controls offers superior operator control
    • UL Certified, NFPA 1936 compliant 
    • Length with Spreading Tips:   34.9 inches (887 mm)
    • Length without Spreading Tips:  33.7 inches (855 mm)
    • Width:  8.7 inches (221 mm)
    • Height:  10.2 inches (259 mm)
    • Weight (with standard Quick Couplers): 50.1 lbs (22.7 kg)
    • Weight (with Mono Coupler):  50.5 lbs (22.8 kg) 
    •  Max Spreading Distance:  15.6 inches (396 mm)
    • Highest Spreading Force (HSF):  7,830 lbs (34.8 kN)
    • Lowest Spreading Force (LSF):  6,460 lbs (28.7 kN)
    • Max. Spreading Force: 320,000 lbs  (1423.0 kN)
    • Cutter Opening:  13.8 inches (351 mm)
    • Cutter Rating: A7/B8/C7/D9/E8/F5 
    • Rated Input Pressure: 10,500 (724 bar)  
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