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The Dräger FPS®-COM 7000 provides standalone hands-free communication along with optional connection to tactical radios. Voice-activated, the FPS-COM 7000 provides full-duplex communication on one of seven user-selected channels. Up to 10 users per channel can be connected without using a tactical radio, which is especially ideal for special operations like hazardous materials response teams.

Dräger: FPS®-COM 7000

    • While it can optionally connect with more than 350 different tactical radios, the Dräger FPS-COM 7000 offers wireless communication between wearers. Offering seven channels or groups, up to 10 firefighters can communicate with each other using the FPS-COM 7000.
    • Voice-activated, full-duplex communication between wearers within close proximity of each other, this means the FPS-COM 7000 allows firefighters to talk and listen as the same time, almost like a telephone or intercom.
    • Filters out breathing noise and does not transmit it via the voice amplifier, TeamTalk, or tactical radio.
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