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Most steel struts have a maximum working load of 4,000 lbs. The TeleCrib® struts have a max working load of 18,000 lbs with a greater than 2:1 safety factor. Because they are composite, they are nearly impervious to environmental or chemical corrosion, do not conduct electricity, and have exceptional impact resistance. If you need lifting capabilities, our removable Strut Jack fits on any TeleCrib® strut, turning it into an 8,000 lb ram.

Long Strut-c/w baseplate, pins, combi-head

    • Strut tubes are made of an advanced composite infused with Kevlar® fiber making them lightweight, but 4x stronger than steel
    • Composite tubes are resistant to environmental and chemically corrosive materials (battery acid, salts, water, fuels, etc.) and offer exceptional impact resistance. Tubes are electrically non-conductive.
    • 18,000 lb max working load with 2:1 safety factor
    • Fully collapsing struts are ultra compact for storage
    • No couplings, twist locks or guess work – just slide out as much strut as you need and pin it. Simple design is easy to use reduces training time.
    • Removable Strut Jack turns any strut into an 8,000 lb ram
    • Universal Combi-head with piercing point, 3/8" chain slot, 2x4 / 2x6 center support with nail holes reduces response time, no fumbling around looking for the right accessory head
    • Large, yellow, glove friendly pins – easy to use and find when dropped
    • Safety interlock system prevents over-extension of strut tubes
    • Removable Base Plate articulates 180˚, accepts ratchet strap hooks or pickets
    • Comprehensive kits include accessories to accommodate advanced stabilization needs
    • Proudly manufactured in the USA
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