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The Paratech High Strength Structural Kit is designed to cope with the heaviest loads seen in USAR. The HSSK combines 3 heavy duty LongShore Struts, the strongest shores Paratech produces, and combines them into a single shoring configuration using a simple and easy to install hand tightened tri-brace. The tri-brace ties the shores together and provides rescuers 3X the load rating listed shoring capacity of the tabulated data on the LongShore Strut at a given length. The HSSK can be used to shore extremely heavy loads at length and quickly reinforce compromised structures.

Paratech: High Strength Structural Kit

  • Part No. Description Qty
    22-796395 Strut Distributor Module 2
    22-796399 Tri-Brace 1
    22-796680 Tri-Base 2
    22-890520 32 ft Hose, Yellow w/ Couplings 1
    22-890521 32 ft Hose, Red w/ Couplings 1
    22-890522 32 ft Hose, Black w/ Couplings 1
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