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Paratech’s Multiforce Air Lifting Bag takes lifting to a whole new level. Integrating the latest technology with a unique understanding of lifting, Paratech has designed the Multiforce Air Lifting Bag to exceed expectations. Ease of use and speed of deployment make the Multiforce Air Lifting Bag an obvious choice whether the goal is saving lives or lifting locomotives. Paratech’s patent-pending design ensures that the high lift of this system can get into the tightest places possible, while the innovative remote lifting base keeps personnel safely away from the load when positioning the Multiforce Air Lifting Bag. A dual-stage feature keeps the load steady as the bag inflates so load drift is minimized and safety relief valves are integrated into the bag itself making over-inflation completely impossible. No mechanical coupling between air chambers means a stronger and safer lift. The remote lifting base doubles as a storage device keeping the bag safe and making it extremely easy to store.

Paratech: MultiForce Air Lifting Bag

    • Heavy-duty rubber gripping surface
    • Built-in internal relief valve
    • Dual stage lifting features keeps the load stable through the lift
    • Integrated heavy-duty wheels for easy travel
    • Detachable placement handle extends to 50"
    • Lift height of 26"
    • High visibilty centering stripes
    • Remote placement base assists with position and lifting stability
    • Side handles designed to accept finger hooks or larger 
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