Stop and slow paddle sign adjustable pole is a great solution for long hours directing traffic.  Fits all our Stop Slow paddles.

Stop and Slow Paddle Adjustable Pole

SKU: 725-SSP-72-POLE


    Get our Stop and Slow Paddle Adjustable Pole attachment for your traffic paddle.  Our newly designed stop and slow signs come standard with a 12″ screw-in aluminum handle that allows the user to switch from 12″ handle to this adjustable pole.  The adjustable pole offers comfort during long hours directing traffic.  Adjustable pole is sold as a separate part.

    The adjustable pole screws into the paddle’s connector and adjusts from 4 to 6 feet enabling the user to easily change the pole length to resting the pole end on the ground.  These are a perfect choice for all weather use and are slip resistant, comfortable and durable for everyday use.

    Whether you are using your stop and slow paddles daily for traffic control or just to stop traffic for movement of trucks or pedestrians these poles will stand up for you.