Stop and slow paddle 16″ size is approved for BC Canada.  Made with a composite material with Type 9 reflective sheeting and includes a 12″ aluminum handle with rubber grip

Stop/Slow Paddle 16″ Composite Type 9(pole sold separate)

SKU: 725-SSP-16-HIP-BC
  • Our Stop/Slow Paddle 16″ Composite Type 9 with Handle conforms to the MOT (Ministry of Transportation) requirements for British Columbia, Canada.   Sign includes a replaceable handle with a rubber grip and screws into a threaded connector installed on the sign.  This handle can be used alternately with the optional adjustable pole that is a perfect solution for long hours directing traffic.

    The 16 inch octagon stop and slow paddle is made with an aluminum and plastic composite material with Type 9 sheeting on both sides of paddle.  Sign SLOW side is yellow and black and the STOP side is red and white.

    You can also order an optional adjustable pole handle that allows you to adjust the length from 4 – 6 feet so you can place the end on the ground for support and comfort.

    For use daily for traffic control or just to stop traffic for movement of trucks or pedestrians these stop and slow paddles will stand up for you.  Perfect for school traffic monitors, flaggers and construction safety personnel.