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Newly designed Stop and Slow Paddle 18″ sign comes with 12″ screw in aluminum handle with a rubber grip.  Also fits into 7' orange adjustable poles (Sold seperatley) that are a perfect solution for long hours directing traffic.


Whether you are using daily for traffic control or just to stop traffic for movement of trucks, this hand held reflective stop/slow sign will stand up for you. Ideal for school crossing guards, flaggers and plant security guards.

Stop and Slow Paddle 18″ Sign

    • 18″ Octagon sign
    • Made from composite (EG sheeting only)
    • Sheeted both sides in any of our reflective options
    • SLOW side is orange and black and the STOP side is red and white
    • Conforms to the MUTCD requirements for USA
    • Stop/slow traffic sign includes 12″ aluminum handle with a rubber grip
    • May be used for all areas of Canada except British Columbia where regulation size is 16″
    • 7' Adjustable pole handle may be purchased that fits into the sign connector
    • Made in Canada.
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