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The TeleCrib® Junior is a compact and fast all-in-one strut designed for basic stabilization.

Specifically designed for Engines/Pumpers, they allow First Due Rescuers to stabilize a vehicle within minutes of arrival. Made of the same DuPont™ Kevlar® infused composite as the full sized TeleCrib® System, the TeleCrib® Junior is lightweight and simple to operate, but supports an impressive 5000 lb working load with a 2:1 safety factor.

Working Load: 5000 lbs (2:1 Safety Factor)
Length: 41” collapsed / 69" extended
Weight: 30 lbs



First Due Crews (typically staffed on Engines/Pumpers) are often the first on scene for a vehicle crash. In the event of a side or roof resting vehicle, stabilization should be done as quickly as possible to provide a safe working environment for both patients and rescuers. A pair of TeleCrib® Juniors can be taken from apparatus to vehicle, and set up by one person in preparation for extrication and patient care.

The TeleCrib® Junior is the only strut that can be used in both a prop style (ratchet strap attached to the head) and tension buttress style (ratchet strap attached to the vehicle or to another strut) configuration, giving rescuers a versatile tool for vehicle stabilization.


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