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The Beluga is designed to quickly cut laminated safety glass used in automobile windshields, side windows, rear safety glass and hurricane glass. The Beluga will cut laminated high-rise glass up to 9MM thick. Attach to your favorite cordless drill – driver, (not included). The Beluga rotates freely on your drill so you can cruise around corners at lightning speed without re-pokeing the windshield at every turn. Blade and shoe profiles are tight, limiting glass dust on the inside of the vehicle.



Beluga Glass Cutter

    • Ground and Polished Hardened steel blade, will not wear out cutting glass
    • Interference fit. The cutting blade and stationary shoe have a very tight tolerance to minimize glass particles from passing between them and wearing the blades or dropping into the passenger compartment
    • Longer length blade design, keeps the blade in the windshield during the entire cut, even when you are not right on top of the tool (as you would be if you stood on the side of the vehicle)
    • Blade reciprocates less than 3/8”, Allows you to cut right to the Posts and Dashboard, removing more glass in less time than other methods.
    • Less glass in the passenger compartment. Glass debris is designed to move up and away from the passenger compartment. Our tests showed up to 80% less glass inside when compared to a reciprocating saws, hand cutting blades and axes.
    • Articulating cutting head and drill The connected drill and cutting head can swivel so you can steer around obstructions such as the A-Post. No need to constantly remove and restart your cut to reposition the head or drill battery. Hold the drill comfortably in your hand and swivel the head for the most, safe, efficient and ergonomic cut. 
    • Fast as lightning. Depending on the drill speed you use, the Beluga can cut about as fast as you can push it. Cut an entire windshield out in less than a minute.
    • Any Drill or Driver. Attaches to any 3/8” - ½” drill or ¼” nut driver. No need to buy a new drill and charger, use the brand and model you already own.
    • Field replaceable blades. Kit includes replacement blade, shoe, grease, instructions and two Allen Wrenches. A mechanic with limited ability can change these blades in a few minutes.
    • Lifetime cutting head warranty when cutting laminated safety glass. (excluding worn or broken blades, abuse, misuse or cutting other than the intended material).
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