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The Highway Vehicle Stabilization Kit (VSK) has a maximum load of up to 80,000 lbs (36.287 kg) with a 4:1 safety factor. Doubling the capacity of the Standard VSK, this kit is designed for multiple vehicles, longer reach and heavier weights such as a fully-loaded tractor-trailer.

With its 4 struts and up to 3 ft (91 cm) of extensions for each strut, the Highway VSK can create 2 A-Frame stabilization triangles to limit load shift during rescues on nearly any sized vehicle. With 2 strut sizes and 3 sizes of extensions, the Highway VSK can reach up to 8ft to find purchase points to stabilize tall vehicles.

With 4 specialty ratchet straps and the 12″ (30 cm) hinged base with anchor ring, you can attach two straps to each base, giving a second stability triangle connecting the strut base to the load. 4 J-Hooks are provided to ensure you can find purchase points.

The Multi-Base can attach to the vehicle through the sharp contact points on either side, cradle a vehicle purchase point in its V-shaped design, or even attach through a chain sling. The Highway VSK is a highly versatile kit for rescue teams looking for a system to handle multi-vehicle rescue scenarios or larger commercial vehicles.

Paratech: Highway VSK

  • Part No. Description Qty
    22-796200 AcmeThread Strut 25-36 in / 64-91 cm 2
    22-796202 AcmeThread Strut 37-58 in / 94-147 cm 2
    22-796012 Strut Extension 12 in / 30 cm 2
    22-796024 Strut Extension 24 in / 61 cm 2
    22-796036 Strut Extension 36 in / 91 cm 2
    22-796025 Multi-Base 4
    22-796180C Hinged Base w/Anchor Ring 12 in / 30 cm 4
    22-890553 Ratchet Belt w/Finger Hook 27 ft / 8.2 m 4
    22-796161 Tie Down Keys w/J Hook 4
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