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The Rapid Extrication Kit is a powerful combination of the Multiforce Remote Placement Kit and the Standard Vehicle Stabilization Kit. It combines the powerful lifting capabilities of the Multiforce Air Lifting Bag with a comprehensive stabilization kit. With two stabilization struts, ratchet belts, multiple extensions, J-hooks, and the Multi-base, the Rapid Extrication kit is capable of creating strong triangulated support on anything from light passenger vehicles to tractor-trailers.

Paratech: Rapid Extrication Kit

  • Part No. Description Qty
    22-88D025K Remote Placement Multiforce Bag Kit 1
    22-796200 AcmeThread Strut 25-36 in / 64-91 cm 2
    22-796012 Strut Extension 12 in / 30 cm 2
    22-796024 Strut Extension 24 in / 61 cm 2
    22-796025 Multi-Base 2
    22-796180C Hinged Base 12 w/ Anchor Ring 2
    22-890553 Ratchet Belt 27′ WLL 3300 lbs 4
    22-796161 Tie Down Keys w/ J-Hook 2
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